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Activating Outputs

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Activating Outputs

Assigned Outputs will not receive any rendered data until they are activated. Pixera allows to activate assigned outputs individually, or all at once.

Activate/Deactivate all assigned Outputs

Activating all assigned Outputs at once can be achieved either by:

  • Hitting the F5 key on the keyboard.
  • Pressing the Activate all Assigned Outputs button  on the left bottom corner of the Live Pane.

To find out what the other icons are for please have a look on On-Screen Statistic‍ 

To deactivate all Outputs at once either

  • Press SHIFT + ESC keys.
  • Press the Deactivate all Outputs  button on the bottom of the Live tab.

Activating/Deactivating individual Outputs

To toggle an individual Output on and off, select it in the Live tab and click the Active checkbox in the Inspector.



The Render Engine on the outputs will be displayed in full screen and on top of all other windows by default. If the GUI Output has been assigned by accident please bring back the focus on Pixera by pressing "ALT + TAB" on the keyboard and then press "Shift+ESC" to deactivate the output.

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