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The current shortcut list can also always be opened directly from Pixera and saved as a PDF.

This can be found in Pixera - Settings - Help - Show Shortcuts.





Ctrl + Z Undo
Ctrl + Shift + Z Redo
Ctrl + C Copy
Ctrl + V Paste
Space Toggle Transport Mode
Ctrl + Tab Toggle App Mode
Mousewheel Scroll vertical
Shift + Mousewheel Scroll horizontal
Alt (while dragging label) Change value in finer steps
Alt (while dragging scrollbar) Scroll in finer steps
End (during startup) Prevent loading last project on startup



+ OR - Horizontal Zoom to Nowpointer
1 Reset Zoom
Del Delete selected content
Ctrl + Up / Down / Left / Right Move selected content
Ctrl + Alt + Up / Down / Left / Right Move selected content finer steps
R Reset selected event to default value
K Toggle cue line height
J Toggle event joint kind
F2 Rename selected layer/cue
Alt + R Toggle Record Mode
Ctrl + Mousewheel Horizontal zoom to Nowpointer
Alt + +/- Horizontal zoom to mouse position
Alt + Ctrl+ Mousewheel Horizontal zoom to mouse position 
up / down Vertical scroll
Alt + up / down Vertical scroll finer step
C Horizontal scroll to nowpointer
Home Horizontal scroll to beginning
End Horizontal scroll to end of last clip/cue
N Create event/clip/cue at nowpointer (depends on selected content)
I Create opacity fade in, in selected object
O Create opacity fade out, in selected object
Shift + I / O Create opacity fade in/out in selected clips at nowpointer
Shift (while change node hight) Change height of all related nodes
Shift (while open/close node) Open/Close all related nodes
Shift (while dragging clip) Copy clip
Shift (while dragging clip border) Change clip duration while conserving relative event positions
Shift (while dragging event) Move event with locked time or value
Alt (while dragging clip/event) Move clip/event finer steps
Double Click Create layer(mouse under all existing layers), clip(mouse over layer), event(mouse over clip), cue(mouse over cue layer)
Shift + Double Click Same as Doubleclick but create at nowpointer instead of at mouse position
Enter Start timecode input  
NumPad Numbers Start timecode input

Timeline or Engine (compositing mode)


Left OR Right Move nowpointer to next frame
Alt + Left OR Right Move nowpointer to next clipborder
Shift + Left OR Right Move nowpointer to next snapping coordinate
, Jump to previous Cue
. Jump to next Cue
S Store dominant values
Alt + S Store dominant values and remove other keys
J Toggle selected event curve joint (Line Corner, Bezier Curve, Bezier Corner) 
Esc Clear selection and clear dominant values 



MiddleButton Pan
Alt + MiddleButton Orbit
Ctrl + Alt + MiddleButton Zoom
Mousewheel ( + Shift) Zoom (+Shift: zoom with finer steps)

See Workspace Navigation for more camera shortcuts.

Engine (Main/Warp)


L Launch local instance of RX engine
D Dive into content compositing or softedge / leave content compositing or softedge 
U Camera: reset up
R Reset camera
Ctrl + R (compositing mode) adopt selected camera orientation
G Show ground grid
B Toggle bounding box orientation for current selection 
E Toggle mesh modifier editing 
Del Delete selected content 
Esc Clear Selection
Shift + MouseDragging Enter/Toggle axis constraints and snapping 
Shift + Up / Down / Left / Right Move selected content
Ctrl + Up / Down Increase/decrease control point soft selection radius
Ctrl + 0 Set soft selection radius to 0 (disable soft selection) 
W Render wireframe overlay
O (+ Shift) Reset selected control points (+Shift: Reset all control points) of current modifier 
P Toggle softedge placing
Ctrl + Alt + A Align Projectors
Ctrl + 9 on screen statistics
F5 activates all outputs
Shift + Esc deactivates all outputs
X (while camera / projector transformation) position/look-at point is locked
F4 Toggle Selection Mode



Node UI  (Control / Output Routing)


Mousewheel Zoom
Left Scroll Left
Right Scroll Right
Up Scroll Up
Down Scroll Down
+ / - Zoom In/Out
R Reset View
N / C  Ensure Node visibility
H Hide nodes unconnected to selected
Alt + H Un-Hide all
G Group align selected Nodes
A Select All
Alt + A Deseelct All
I Invert selection
Ctrl + + Extend selection
Ctrl + Right Extend selection to the Right
Ctrl + Left Extend Selection to the Left

Pixera 2.0.6 | 21. February 2024

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