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Mapping Mode Overview

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Mapping Mode Overview

The Mapping section is used to set up and configure projectors, perform image output adjustments like softedge, warping and calibration and to assign signal paths to GPU outputs.


Note: While the position of displays and LED panels is set in Screens mode, the projector position and orientation has an influence on how the image will finally be visible on the screen. Position and orientation of projectors is therefore set in Mapping mode.

The Mapping Mode features the following functions:

Projector Database

Pixera features a huge, regularly updated database of available video projectors‍ including lens options and can therefore also serve as a planning and previsualization tool for location setup.

Mapping, Warping, SoftEdge, Marker- and VIOSO Calibration

Projecting onto screens and 3D objects often requires a multitude of image adjustments for clean and stunning results. Pixera features a complete set of tools to support the setup of the projection on the targets. 

Output Setup

Pixera is very flexible regarding the project size - from a single output to a full cluster of computers with multiple outputs each.
All outputs can be assigned to Image Devices‍ in the Mapping Mode.

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