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Create multiple ArtNet/sACN/KiNet output streams from CSV

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Navigate to Mapping Tab and choose Art-Net.
Click on the “Create Multiple Art-Net/sACN Output streams from CSV” button

The CSV header needs to follow this scheme:

csvHeader = {"name", "type", "ip", "fps", "broadcast", "port", "sync", "filterMode", "filterSet", "network_adapter"};

  • Name: choose the feed name
  • Type: The type is Art-Net by default, set "sacn" for sACN and "kinet" for KiNet1 
  • IP: choose an IP or
  • FPS: choose frame per seconds of your stream
  • Broadcast: Broadcast is on by default, otherwise set to "true" or “false”
  • Port: choose your receiving port
  • Sync: synchronize multiple streams, on by default, otherwise set to "true" or “false”
  • FilterMode:  the default is None, it can be set via "Provider" or “Consumer”
  • FilterSet: sets the processed Universes, comma-separated
  • Network_Adapter: The sending adapter can be defined with "network_adapter". The name from the user interface “Output      channel” must be used.

Please see CSV here

Pixera 2.0.57 | 29. April 2024

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