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Pixera Licenses

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All Pixera hardware is shipped with a PIXERA server license - beside that, each license is available as software only as well.

There are four different licenses as software only versions available - for all of them except the creator licence, a USB dongle as license key is necessary.




Pixera as software is always the same. Depending on the license used, other functionalities such as Live Preview Editing are enabled in the user interface.

The render engine behaves in the same way; depending on the license used, watermarks may or may not be visible on the outputs.




PIXERA creator

  • Free Download –
  • Full overview/impression of the PIXERA usability
  • Plan, design and visualize a show setup incl. 4 full watermarked outputs
  • Test and pre-program almost all functions in PIXERA
  • Render out watermarked videos
  • No Network connection possible (DEMO only)


PIXERA director

  • Plan, Design and visualize a show setup
  • Manager Control in multi-client set-up
  • Controls and runs the show incl. Preview Editing
  • Save and control APIs as all third party products
  • Enables client player licenses to unlimited timelines


PIXERA player

  • Software only solution (available from 1-8 Outputs)
  • Multi-dongle use on one machine (same licenses)
  • Full 2d, 3d workflow and compositing space
  • Multiple player licenses on multiple machines as stand alone set-up
  • Limited to 2 Timelines in stand-alone modus
  • Full compressed file bandwidth playback  (no uncompressed image sequencing)


PIXERA server

  • Installed on all PIXERA hardware products – mini, one, two, twoRT
  • Software only solution (available from 1-8 outputs)
  • Multi-dongle use on one machine (same licenses)
  • No restrictions on any PIXERA software features
  • Full compressed playback and uncompressed image sequence playback
  • PIXERA education – dual output version (for schools and universities)  


In the following chart you can find a feature comparision between the different Pixera licenses:





For information on license prices, please contact your local distributor or the Pixera sales team.





The USB dongle is the same for all licenses - it only depends on the license release code which license is stored.
A license can be upgraded very easily by a new unlock code.


Changing License on Manager

By selecting the specific service in the live section of the mapping tab, you can find "Manage License" on the right hand side in the Inspector. Simply copy the new license code in the section "license code" to unlock new functionalities or outputs.



Changing License on Client

Besides the possibility to enter the license key in Pixera, this can also be done in Presence.

Click on "Manage License" and enter the license key in the respective field.






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