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Hardware decoding

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Activate Hardware decoding

in pixera it is possible to activate hardware decoding for content if this is supported by the hardware. For example, H264 and H265 are usually supported by the GPU. By default, this is disabled in pixera because this can lead to slightly different behavior in the rendering of colors and the speed of loading times


This option must first be activated for the respective graphics card and the respective client.


This can be set in initial values as standard for new graphics devices:



In the resource browser, the option must be activated for the respective content:


Hardware decoding is not supported for all H264 formats, as example a H264 in 4:4:4 format is not support. 
Because of this, the test content that is delivered with pixera is not executed with hardware decoding





You can check if the setup was successful in the task manager, where you can clearly see a hardware decode load on the GPU.


Pixera 2.0.65 | 28. May 2024 | J.B.

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