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Pixera 2.0

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Image-based Lighting - MVR Import

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Adding Fixtures on Art-Net Output

It is already possible to easily create fixtures and address them on an Art-Net or sACN output: ArtNet Output Mapping

In 2.0, the process can be even simpler with an MVR file: 

“MVR (My Virtual Rig) is a file format that is used to share data for a stage set up between a lighting console, a visualizer, a CAD program or similar tools. This allows transferring parametric and geometric data between different programs.”

You can find more information on MVRs here.

Import your MVR

After you create your Art-Net output and assign it to the screen object you wish to use, navigate to the project tab and find your newly created mapping. Right-click on the mapping and select “Import Feeds from MVR.”

Since this is a 2D mapping, PIXERA will ask which axis you want to flatten along. This depends on how your .mvr is built:

All feeds will now be listed under your mapping. Select a feed to view its information in the inspector tab:

PIXERA 1.9 | 01. December 2023


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