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Screen tracking

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This article describes how to animate screen/display and LED positioning via tracking data

1. set your tracking data as described in this article:  Tracking Module introduction

2.  connect the data input to the needed screen/display/LED, depending on what parameters you are receiving

PLEAS NOTE: for all changes made to the screen and the screen group please mage sure that you uninitialize the tracking module (aka click on the arrow next to the uninit action)
After all changes are made hit the arrow next to the init action to re initialize the tracking module.

3. Select your screen inside the Mapping>Setup tab as follows and check the “Use perspective with Direct API” setting

4. Uncheck “Apply Automatic Mapping Updates” for that screen

5. In the Compositing Tab> screen group: choose the screen in the matching screen group. Select your screen and inside the VR setup setting check the “Use with input from Control or Direct API” setting. Set controlled parameters to “Free Perspective Camera” and the perspective will move with the screen. Set to “Eye Point” and the perspective will move the look at point onto that screen.

6.  In the Compositing Tab> screen group: check the “Perspective Follows Screen Positions” if you want the screen to move above the content


7. If you want the content to move along with the screen please check the “Ignore Perspective Transformation from Direct API” parameter in the layer Render Properties setting

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