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3D Workflows

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You want to know how to prepare a 3D model for Pixera? Please check out the following videos.

Supported 3D file formats:

  • .fbx
  • .obj
  • .gltf

3D Model Preparation

For importing external 3D models, it is necessary to follow some rules and keep some things in mind.

This video covers the following topics:

  • How to import 3D models in Pixera
  • Which formats are possible
  • Unit system in Pixera
  • How textures are handled in Pixera and why UV Maps are important
  • How to manipulate 3D Objects in Pixera on FFD or Vertex basis

How to import files from Sketchup to Pixera

This video covers following topics:

  • Unit system in Pixera and how to scale models
  • How to rescale and reposition it in 3DS MAX
  • How to texture surfaces in 3DS MAX
  • Create UV Maps in 3DS Max

Importing multiple 3D Objects in Pixera

This video covers the following topics

  • How to prepare 3D object export in 3DS MAX
  • Why it's important to texturize surfaces and how it's interpreted in Pixera
  • How to handle it in Pixera

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