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License Stacking

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In Pixera it is possible to stack output licenses to increase the number of licensed outputs.

For example, if two license dongles with two licensed outputs each are connected to a playout computer, this computer will then have four licensed outputs.

There are two different workflows to achieve this:

Workflow 1 - .lic files are available

If you have the .lic (license) files - Copy and paste the files into this folder path:

C:\ProgramData\AV Stumpfl\Pixera\check

Afterwards attach both dongles and run Pixera.

Workflow 2 - .lic files are not available

If you dont have the .lic (license) files and just the license codes on a fresh computer:

  1. attach dongle one and run Pixera. Enter license code when prompted
  2. Close Pixera
  3. detach Dongle 1
  4. attach Dongle 2
  5. Run Pixera
  6.  Enter license code for Dongle two
  7. close Pixera
  8. attach both donbgles and run Pixera.

Now you have two .lic files in the check folder and the total amount of outputs available



  • Stacking Player AND Server licenses will result in all player licensing. Thus the smallest license will rule all other licensing in a stack. By disconnecting the licensing all server functionality will be restored.
  • Stacking of Director Dongles with Player or Server dongles is currently not possible

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