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Where do I get my license key?

In the latest release of Pixera hub (2.15.0 and upward), the dongle key can be installed automatically when it is detected in the system.

  1. Select the system where you want to download your license (currently, it is not possible to distribute license files to other devices than local, the target system needs to have web connection in order for this to work)
  2. Check if selected system has web access - web access is mandatory since this is an online database
  3. Go to Installs
  4. Click “Update License Files”


There is currently a bug in version 2.15!
Even if the license file was not successfully retrieved from the server, the message still appears:

Although there was no communication with the server and the file was not updated!


This is also not possible for licenses without Dongle, for example Creator licenses.



You should also have received the license key when the server was delivered.
Alternatively, you can ask support for it:


Where is the License saved?

This is the folder where the license gets stored and where Pixera is searching for it:
C:\ProgramData\AV Stumpfl\Pixera\check
If you enter the key in Pixera or Presense the key file will be generated and stored here.

Versions Compatibility


r0 Licenses 

Pixera to 1.6.58


Pixera version 1.6.58 is able to convert R0 licenses into R2 licenses.


e.g. 0000_0001_9291.lic


r2 Licenses 

Pixera 1.6.58 to Pixera 1.8.337
Pixera 1.8. ≥ 337 is able to read both r2 and r5

e.g. 0000_0001_9291_r2.lic


r5 Licenses

Pixera 1.8. ≥ 337 is able to read both r2 and r5
Pixera 2.0.0 to Pixera

e.g. 0000_0001_9291_r5.lic


Pixera 2.0.0 | 13. February.2024

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