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On-Screen Statistic

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The On-Screen Statistic is a tool to analyze the renderoutput. It displays useful information about the status and the settings of each output.

Furthermore it displays lines, running from left bottom corner to top right corner, generated by the renderengine itself, which allows you to analyse if i.e. either the content or the renderengine runs choppy.

The On-Screen statistic can be enabled and disabled  for assigned outputs only within Pixera in two ways. On the one hand with the button at the bottom left corner in Mapping Tab - Live and on the other hand with the shortcut Ctrl+9.

The statistic always acts like a top most overlay of the render engine.

  1. IP address and output enumeration

  2. Graphics cards, used slot on mainboard for graphics card, used graphics card driver

  3. Currently used Synchronization

    • Compositor Sync - synchronization via Windows10 DWM 
    • Swap Group Sync - synchronization via Nvidia Quadro Sync
    • V-Sync - synchronization via monitor refresh rate

  4. Output Settings: Resolution, bitdepth, refresh rate

    • dropped frames - Frames which the render engine cannot load into the back buffer

    • incompleted frames - Frames that the render engine cannot load completely into the back buffer, for example because the time to open and load the frame into the back buffer is longer than the frame length.

  5. Licensed outputs

  6. current data read rate from the harddrive that this output takes up

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