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Update License for PIXERA 2.0

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Why do I need an update?

With version 2.0 we have also revised our license system. Therefore, a license update for version 2.0 is required.



Can I update free of charge?

In short:

  1. FREE Update to PIXERA 2.0 - purchased in 2023
  2. Chargeable Update to PIXERA 2.0 - purchased before <2023
  3. FREE Update to PIXERA 2.0 - PIXERA Hardware (PX mini, PX1, PX2 & PX4) 

In detail:
If you bought a license or a Server made after 1.1.2023 the update comes for free. (Requires a xxxx_xxxx_xxxx_r4.lic license) 
If it is PIXERA hardware and made before 1.1.2023 e.g. PX Mini, PX One, PX Two, PX Four, the update comes for free. However, this requires an order from your local distributor.
If it is a software only version and made before 1.1.2023, the update is not free, you can ask your local distributor for an update it comes with a license fee. 

If you are using an older Server, e.g. Wings Engine with Win7 then it is not Possible to Update to PIXERA 2.0


Update Creator License

To update your Creator License, create a new key in the online form:
click here




How do I update if I can do a free update?

License update


How can I update if I don't qualify for the free update?

  1. before requests the update from support, the customer must contact his dealer/distributor and order the update to 2.0.
  2. the dealer/distributor sends us an official order
  3. the order is checked, the customer may have to pay first (see terms of payment debtor)
  1. the order is released by logistics
  2. the license is created
  3. the customer can now download use the new 2.0 license via the hub (License update)


Can I use PIXERA after the license update?

Yes, if you updated your license from a r4.lic file or have the older license still on the system, the PIXERA version 1.8.336 and below will still work.
If you use PIXERA 1.8.337 and above, PIXERA will also be able to read the new r5.lic license file as well. 



Why is my (r5) License not working in 1.8.336 and below?

Because we have changed the system at one point, the new license (r5) can not be recognized in previous PIXERA versions.
If you're already using a PIXERA 1.8.200 or above, please update to 1.8.337.
If it is not possible to update then please reach out to



How should my License look like in the end?

When your file looks like this, the update was successful


You can find this file in “C:\ProgramData\AV Stumpfl\PIXERA\check”


PIXERA 2.0.0 | 13. February 2024

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