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Trigger Events in Unreal from Pixera

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We offer the possibility to send commands from Pixera into the Unreal scene and thereby resolve scripts.


Setup Unreal

To enable the execution, the events must be specified with the name PX Event in the Unreal scene in the level blueprint. With the module Register Event it can be recognized and executed in Pixera. The event name can be used later in Pixera.

In this example are two registered events: 

  • play
  • stop



Setup Pixera

There are various ways in which the actions can be triggered. 

  • UI Web interface
  • Control Node based
  • Pixera API

Example Control Node based:

  1. Locate your Unreal Resource in the Pixera Module and extend it in its own module
  2. Open the Action getUnrealWorld
  3. Connect a SendText module to the triggerEventByName action
  4. Enter the string to send in the SendText.Text action.
  5. You can also simply connect it with a button in the Control UI and add the trigger name


Triggering the sendText Command will now run the play action in Unreal


Pixera 1.9.153 | 12. October 2023

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