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Send Variable Data from Pixera to Unreal

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We offer the possibility to send Variable values from Pixera into the Unreal scene.


Setup Unreal


To enable access, the variables must be specified via the respective Register Event Data Received in the Unreal scene in the level Blueprint.

Color, Float, Int, Vec 2d and Vec 3d are possible datatypes that can be sent. For Float and Int, sending an Array is also possible.


In this example, we change the Snow Amount of a Niagara Component.

Register Event Data Received have to be connected directly to Event Begin Play so that the Register Event Data Received is registered at the very beginning of loading the project in order to be recognized by the Pixera Connect Plugin.



Setup Pixera


In Pixera you have to create an Unreal Variable Data Layer.


When creating the Layer you have to select the Unreal Project in the drop-down, and you can add more Variables via the + button.

You can change the Count entries for Float and Int when working with arrays.

The name and data type must exactly match those inside the Unreal project.


A new Layer will be created, and you can place a container via double-click in the empty space of the Layer. You can either work with Keyframes or Dominant Values to change the Variable Data. 


Pixera 2.0.65 | 04 June 2024

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