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Web Browser Resource not visible in preview or output

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Web Browser Resource content is not shown in preview or output




Browser resource is not visible on Output or in Preview. This can happen on one or multiple clients or the director machine.
Multiple GPU's built in on your System




The web resource will be opened on one of the two graphics cards and the Texture, we are missing the control over which card is selected in the internal used browser.



Solution 1

Assign OpenGL Rendering GPU in NVIDIA driver.

If this is not working, proceed with Solution 2



Solution 2

Disable “Use Web Browser Texture Sharing” checkbox on the client with the problem.

If this is not working, proceed with Solution 3



Solution 3

Connect all outputs and the GUI to your Main GPU and not to your GUI GPU. 
Make sure to remove the settings from solution 1


Pixera 2.0.40 | 14. Mai 2024 | J.B.

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