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Output stutters on timeline jump

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Output stutters on timeline jump


After jump, the output is stuttering a few seconds.
This is only happening when an external triggered jump happened, or there was no time for a preload operation.
Nowpointer movement without preload can also cause this. 


Without time for preload, the engine has difficulty loading and playing the clip in an instant. This leads to the stuttering.


doing a fade jump instead of a hard jump improves the situation, is often not perfect but much better than a hard jump. These can often be added to the jump control command, to cues.

There is also the option of not positioning the jump points directly in the clip but placing them in front of it to give the engine time to make a preload

There is an option to set a fade to time delay, which can also improve fade jumps performed with the mouse cursor.:



Pixera 2.0.65 | 28. May 2024 | J.B.

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