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Screen Size

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Screen Size

Screen size can be adjusted in the Workspace by selecting a screen and either drag any of its surrounding Modificator Arrows, or entering a new value in the Size section of the Inspector.

Canvas Resolution

The Canvas Resolution of a screen defines the resolution the content will be rendered in compositing.


Note: To achieve the highest possible quality of the rendered content, the Canvas Resolution should 
match the resolution of the projectors/displays. For example: If working with a 4K display but the 
Canvas Resolution is set to 1280x720, the composition will still be rendered at the lower resolution 
of 1280x720. On the other hand, setting the resolution to a lower value than the device's maximum 
possible resolution will save rendering resources on your machine (at the expense of a lower quality).

Pixel Aspect Ratio

By default, Pixera tries to keep a screen's pixel aspect ratio to be 1:1 when changing a screen's size in the Workspace. Therefore it will change either the horizontal or vertical pixel count in relation to the size change if the screen is scaled non-uniformly.

It is possible to deactivate this behaviour for each dimension individually by clicking the icons next to the Horizontal or Vertical input field. However, as long as one of the icons is active, a square pixel aspect ratio will be maintained by automatically adapting the pixel count of the dimension corresponding to the activated icon.

When both icons are deactivated the Canvas Resolution is independent from the screen's size and aspect ratio. (is not linked to the screen size anymore?)

Adjust dimension of screen to the aspect ratio

By activating this option Pixera automatically adjusts the size of the screen depending the entered resolution

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