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The current shortcut list can also always be opened directly from Pixera and saved as a PDF.

This can be found in Pixera - Settings - Help - Show Shortcutlist.



Ctrl + Z Undo
Ctrl + Shift + Z Redo
Ctrl + C Copy
Ctrl + V Paste
Space Toggle Transport Mode



+ OR - Horizontal Zoom
1 Reset Zoom
Del Delete selected content
Ctrl + Up OR Down OR Left OR Right Move selected content
R Reset selected event to default value
K Toggle cue line height
J Toggle event joint kind

Timeline or Engine (compositing mode)


Left OR Right Move nowpointer to next frame
Alt + Left OR Right Move nowpointer to next clipborder
Shift + Left OR Right Move nowpointer to next snapping coordinate
S Store dominant values
J Toggle selected event curve joint (Line Corner, Bezier Curve, Bezier Corner) 
Esc Clear selection and clear dominant values 



MiddleButton Pan
Alt + MiddleButton Orbit
Ctrl + Alt + MiddleButton Zoom
Mousewheel ( + Shift) Zoom (+Shift: zoom with finer steps)

See Workspace Navigation for more camera shortcuts.

Engine (Main/Warp)


L Launch local instance of RX engine
D Dive into content compositing or softedge / leave content compositing or softedge 
U Camera: reset up
R Reset camera
Ctrl + R (compositing mode) adopt selected camera orientation
G Show ground grid
B Toggle bounding box orientation for current selection 
E Toggle mesh modifier editing 
Del Delete selected content 
Esc Clear Selection
Shift + MouseDragging Enter/Toggle axis constraints and snapping 
Shift + Up OR Down OR Left OR Right Move selected content
Ctrl + Up OR Down Increase/decrease control point soft selection radius
Ctrl + 0 Set soft selection radius to 0 (disable soft selection) 
W Render wireframe overlay
O (+ Shift) Reset selected control points (+Shift: Reset all control points) of current modifier 
P Toggle softedge placing
Ctrl + Alt + A Align Projectors
Ctrl + 9 on screen statistics
F5 activates all outputs
Shift + Esc deactivates all outputs
X (while camera / projector transformation) position/look-at point is locked

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