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Important information for Support

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We know that support tickets often come from an unpleasant experience - either because something went wrong at a show, or because you didn't find the necessary documentation while testing and learning.

In such situations we want to help you as much as possible and so we can help you in the best possible way we have some tips which information helps us with the troubleshooting.



Basically, it's very simple - the more information you can give us about your setup, the better it is.
But what are the right information?



  • What happened and how did the error manifest itself? Ideally make a small video!
  • When did it happen (important so we can find the right place in the logs)?
  • What happened just before the error occurred?
  • Is it reproducible, does the error travel with it (it also appears on the desktop)?



  • A short description about your setup 
  • Pixera hardware or custom build
  • Standalone or Multiclient
  • On what is played out with which resolution



  • which Pixera version do you use
  • does the error also appear in a newer or in an older version



  • From this we can already draw first conclusions what could have happened in the setup.
  • Please always from the master and from the client (if available). 
  • Very important - when did the error occur?



  • If possible please always attach the showfile - this makes it much easier for us to reconstruct an error and to follow the course of events.
  • You do not have to send a bundle with all the content included!



Where do I get the logfiles from?


In the settins of Pixera there is the possibility to export the logfiles of the local machine under the menu item "Help".



Alternatively they can also collectend manually in the following file path:

Log- and dump files from Pixera

C:\ProgramData\AV Stumpfl\Pixera


Log- and dump files of the Render Engine (RX)

C:\ProgramData\AV Stumpfl\RX

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