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Changelog 2.0

 4 Minutes



Pixera 2.0.40
 26 MAR 24


* Brush: Multi User: Usage only applied if all outputs referenced in usage are available at time of application.


* Fix: Projectors: Database updated to correct wrong throw ratios in lens database.
* Fix: Projectors: Database updated to correct wrong names.
* Fix: Timeline: Dominant Resource. Resource was only visible when nowpointer was positioned in the time between 0 and the assigned resource duration. Fixed.
* Fix: Vioso: Wrong calibration for 360° setup fixed.
* Fix: Vioso: Table of loaded calibrations in screen's inspector is updated correctly when switching selection between multiple screens.
* Fix: Dry Clients: Mappings not used when project is saved with incomplete live systems retained for up to one month.

Pixera 2.0.32
 19 MAR 24


* Brush: Timeline: New Fade-to-Time mode "Fade In".
* Brush: Timeline: Automatic Fade In/Out via shortcut I/O. When there is an opacity curve it is not ignored for the created keys, anymore.
* Brush: Timeline: DMX. Handle DMX input to manipulate playback analog to API input.
* Brush: Timeline: Time distortion window set to 10s. TimeDistorter statistics logging can be enabled by dev feature.
* Brush: Timeline: Jump to Next/Previous Cue. Shortcuts changed from 'L' and 'P' to '.' and ','.
* Brush: Timeline: API. Added two methods concerning the activity state of cues: setActivity() and isActive().
* Brush: Timeline: Spontaneous nowpointer repositioning. Prevent black frames.

* Brush: Control: Aux directory is not removed unless user explicitly chooses to do so; option to reuse existing aux directory when storing module in aux directory.
* Brush: Control: Remove unused aux directories via button in Control settings.
* Brush: Control: Control log output is written into separate file.
* Brush: Control: Local execution optimization attempted from all GUI-driven action invocations, AM::ApiFunction::run() structure simplified.
* Brush: Control: Unused JSON entries removed from serialized project and aux main files.

* Brush: Compositing: Layer blending can handle content with premultiplied alpha.
* Brush: DMX: GUI is not updated for every incoming DMX value.
* Brush: Database: Projector and LED database updated.
* Brush: Resource: Engine can be forced to only access files for playback from local cache directories.
* Brush: Assets: Delete media file in cache directory which are currently unused.
* Brush: Engine: Video load performance improved.
* Brush: Licensing: Never remove Pixera-related devices when enforcing license.
* Brush: Dry Clients: More aggressive mapping retention in the face of unstable networks.
* Brush: Engine: Log file extension changed to ".log".



* Fix: Timeline: Fixed not being able to apply serialization data back onto params/folders that have a trailing whitespace in their signature.
* Fix: Timeline: Trigger Cues. Triggering pausing timeline to pause at its current position may result in wrong output. Fixed.
* Fix: Timeline: Trigger Cues. Trigger Mode "Pause" or "Stop" with Time Mode "Current Time". Those cues were executed to early and incorrectly. Fixed.
* Fix: Timeline: Trigger Cues. SMPTE In governed Timelines sometimes did unintentionally react on trigger cues. Fixed.
* Fix: Timeline: Jump Cues. Timeline opacity changes in a short period (a few frames) before preloaded jumps sometimes led to black output after jump. Fixed.
* Fix: Timeline: Notch block replace tries to match existing layer structure to new notch block parameter structure by removing numbering.
* Fix: Timeline: Wait Cue. Waiting time did decrease to fast. Fixed.
* Fix: Timeline: Fade-to-Time mode. "Fade In - Fade Out" did not fade as expected each second time. Fixed.
* Fix: Timeline: Preview Editing. Notch blocks vanished on output when preview editing was started. Fixed.
* Fix: Timeline: SMPTE In. Wait cues were not ignored, unintentionally. Fixed.
* Fix: Timeline: Insert time behaviour is now more consistent.
* Fix: Timeline: Trigger Cues. Time confusion of triggered timeline when starting playback of triggering timeline only a couple of frames in front of the trigger cue.
* Fix: Timeline: Spontaneous jumps within the same clip led to frozen frames. Fixed.
* Fix: Timeline: World transformation parameters of Compositing layers are initialized from user editable json file.
* Fix: Timeline: Jump to Next/Previous Cue. Activity state 'Ignore Once' was not updated. Fixed.
* Fix: Timeline: Jump and Trigger Cues. Very short preload times led to missing output. Fixed.
* Fix: Timeline: Clip scaling is not reset anymore when first change was applied in inspector or timeline parameter.
* Fix: Timeline: Dominant resources were not shown without an underlying clip. Fixed.
* Fix: Timeline: Preview Edit. Shift+Spacebar and Shift+"GUI Timeline Buttons" did not control the Output Nowpointer anymore. Fixed.
* Fix: Timeline: Free Loop Clips. When nowpointer leaves out faded free loop clip, sometimes there were flashes at the end of the out faded clip. Fixed.
* Fix: Timeline: Inpoint clips. Sometimes clips are ignoring inpoint in first frame. I.e. first frame of resource is visible. Fixed.
* Fix: Timeline: Timeline speed. Jump cues with timeline speed unequal 1 were not usable anymore. Timeline clip timing was completely wrong after jump. Fixed.
* Fix: Timeline: Dominant Resource. Next assigned dominant resource showed incorrect frame when before there was a looping dominant-resource state aborted. Fixed.

* Fix: Resource: Fixed trying to distribute to dry clients.
* Fix: Resource: Import of exr image sequences fixed.
* Fix: Resource: Prevent creation of unnecessary assets.

* Fix: GUI: Crash fixed which happened due to changes in previous version to reduce gui updates when receiving DMX.
* Fix: GUI: File path in cmd line arguments can contain () or [].
* Fix: GUI: Library tree: custom folders and live input folder can not be deleted anymore.

* Fix: API: Resource adding via API more robust regarding file versions.
* Fix: API: Cue application without blend duration led to unexpected frames on output. Fixed.
* Fix: API: Compound.setParamValue JSON implementation always returns a result object.

* Fix: Control: Possible crash avoided at action invocation in GUI.
* Fix: Control: Aux directory copied as part of project backup due to version change.
* Fix: Control: Web UI works again (broken only in 2.0.28). 

* Fix: Resource: Possible crash fixed when scanning for versions if content was added from NAS before.
* Fix: Resource: Image sequence distribution fixed.
* Fix: Resource: Clips of image sequences are created with original length even when images inbetween are missing.
* Fix: Resource: Wrong file destination path of resource which was added from NAS for file transfer corrected.

* Fix: Multi User: Do not check Control licenses when receiving remote project if Control reception is set to keep local modules.
* Fix: Multi User: Option to always transfer all Control data on project transfer if the project is different (allowing automatic Control init on project change).
* Fix: Multi User: Push/Pull Timeline. Nowpointer of Timeline did not appear after distribution. Fixed.

* Fix: Mapping: Crash fixed when dmx fixture was applied to multi selection.
* Fix: Mapping: Output assignment of projector can be cleared in output inspector.
* Fix: Mapping: Possible problems when selecting control points of FFD modifier by marquee fixed.
* Fix: Mapping: Multiple interlinked fixes that all address possible mapping losses.
* Fix: Mapping: Loosing mappings and output assignments due to conflicts between GUI and nngine updates fixed.

* Fix: Engine: Alpha layer of Unreal and Unity can be ignored.
* Fix: Engine: Fixed problem introduced in 2.0.21 causing corrupt video output.
* Fix: Engine: Fixed too high memory consumption after leaving and entering full screen.
* Fix: Engine: ProRes YCbCr fixed.
* Fix: Engine: Fully overlapping output aggregates are not counted for licensing
* Fix: Engine: Fixed shutting down RX processes at Pixera shutdown.
* Fix: Engine: NDI Audio In fixed

* Fix: DMX: Crash fixed when timeline is patched without layers.
* Fix: Dry Clients: More robust state management when previously used network adapter is not available.
* Fix: Assets: Reverted to only retrieving connected services for distribution targets to remedy problem with multiple services that have the same name.
* Fix: Screen Groups: ScreenGroup changes lead to update of compositing layers.
* Fix: Dry Clients: Output disabled state more consistently reflected in name.
* Fix: Studio Camera: Studio Camera removal also destroys created screen groups.
* Fix: API: Timecode input from API did not work correctly if correct drif was enabled. Fixed.
* Fix: Live Input: Resolution and/or frame rate of VideoStream can be edited again if input mode is editable.
* Fix: Live Input: Available video modes of Direct Show devices were not enumerated correctly. Fixed.


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