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Desktop / System Shortcuts

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If the PIXERA Hub is installed on a system, some system shortcuts are available that can make working with a media server easier.

On PIXERA media servers, these shortcuts are automatically enabled. If the PIXERA Hub is installed on a third-party system, these must be activated manually beforehand.

This setting can be found in the new PIXERA Hub in "Manage - Enable Hotkey Agent".

In the older versions of the PIXERA Hub, this option can be found in "Autostart - Hotkey Agent".

Win + P Switch Primary Monitor
Win + Shift + U Unload EDID's
Win + Shift + F7 + U Unload EDID's without confirmation, press in this order.
Win + Shift + W All windows to cursor position
Win + Shift + O Mouse cursor on primary Screen
Win + Shift + Ctrl + Alt + Esc Close HK

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