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Alpha Transitions

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Creating an Alpha Transition

First, drag the MaskRGB Effect onto a layer

Then take your transition video and drag it onto the Timeline in the sampler track


Then bring your mix% Up to 100 (don't forget your keyframe!)

Pixera will loop the transition video while it is mixed up. You can set the Clip to Lock to Time-No Loop in order to stop the looping.


You can double click in the sampler track to add a new section where there won't be a video, and then mix the effect back down. 

Final effect on timeline:


You can change exactly where that second sampler container is in the inspector when you select it (2):

You can also add a Transition Out video to the second sampler

Final Effect







Pixera 2.0.40 | 25. April 2024 | X.X.

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