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What is IPMI

IPMI stands for "Intelligent Platform Management Interface" and is an open, vendor-independent standard. It allows computers to be monitored and managed remotely at the hardware level.
Also, often found under the name "BMC" →"Baseboard Management Controller"

This makes it possible, for example, to read out parameters such as temperature or fan speed, as well as to switch the computer on, off or shut it down without having physical access to the computer.




How to access IPMI 

The IP address of the IPMI LAN port is similar to the default IP address of LAN1 (see [6] below), but instead of 10.31.x.x the address is 10.41.x.x)

On newer PIXERA Engines a password and username is required:

LAN1 has the default address 
IPMI LAN port has the address

Username: ADMIN
Password: Px<DefaultIPaddress> (e.g. Px010031002003


For older PIXERA Engines this is the username and password:

Username: ADMIN
Password: ADMIN



The default IP of LAN port 1 can be found on a sticker on the back of the server. 

As an example, the sticker says: then the default IPMI IP is




Default LAN 1 is bridged with the IPMI Port, if you are using LAN1 you have access to the IPMI. If you want to use IPMI separately please configure your switch or deactivate the bridge in the BIOS.




Power Control of PIXERA servers via IPMI

See Article



Pixera 2.0.65 | 03. July 2024 | J.B.

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