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Direct Network OSC

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Starting with 2.0 the new DirectNetworkOSC model can be used to receive OSC Data.


It is important to note that this module works with the Engine Direct API Access. The direct API bypasses the Pixera
User interface and ingest data directly into the Pixera Video Engine. This allows for the lowest possible latency. 

Basically, this module is as fast and direct as the tracking modules. Therefore, it can be used for precise applications.

You can find the module in the Control Tab under Protocols. Just drag and drop it into the workspace:



The following settings must be set in order to get a working connection.

Network Adapter Control - Settings:



Define a Port in the DirektNetworkOSC Module:



Setup a Port within your desired OSC Software / Application OSC Pilot used for reference - DOWNLOAD OSC/PILOT | OSC/PILOT (


Furthermore, the OSC Address (fader in my case) must be assigned to the action in the DirectNetworkOSC module:



Now the osc Input can be assigned to the desired Pixera API input. Beforehand the module must be initialized by pressing the init button:




Pixera 1.9.136 | 19. September 2023

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