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Layer Reference Resource

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Layer Reference Resource 

Layer reference resource is a new feature that allows you to reference any layer of any timeline as a resource in a different layer or timeline.



This feature is found in the Resource Browser:


Once you've added the Layer-Reference Resource, you can select it and find the parameters for it in the inspector:


You can rename the Resource, resize it, as well as select which timeline and which layer you want to reference:


You can then use this feature on any other timeline as a clip, or anywhere else that you could use a clip (like as a reference resource for something like a mask or Notch block video input.)

The Layer-Reference Resource will follow the timing of the original timeline


The scaling of the reference resource will be relative to the scaling of the layer / timeline it references. In future updates a position /size lock may be implemented to the layer when using this feature. For now we recommend to not modify any position and size parameters when using this feature. 






As described earlier, it can be difficult to use the reference resource, especially when scaling / repositioning has to be done. Fortunately, there is a workaround:


Add the reference resource and select the correct layer / timeline. Then proceed to mute the layer. This will mute all the values, opacity as well:


Now you can handle the reference objects similar to regular containers and work with position, size and opacity. The root reference container won't be shown on the timeline as it is muted.



PIXERA 1.9.136 | 06. September 2023

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