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Nvidia Quadro Sync II Firmware Update

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  • First download the .zip file from this Link 


  • Unzip the package to a folder of your choice


  • Run command prompt as administrator


  • Choose the path of the unzipped files and select the .exe
  • For example:
C:\\Users\\AVStumpfl\\Desktop\\NVQSyncUpdate.exe install


  • There are a few commands which are good to know
--help      show all commands

--version   show version information          

install     Install 'NVIDIA Quadro Sync II' firmware

-d,         Disable framelock prior to firmware installation.

-v          Specify firmware version 


If framelock is still in use, it will be deactivated automatic when updating the firmware.


  • After firmware installation update was succesfully you only need to restart the system to take effect of the changes.


R.F| 02.07.24

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