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Projector Feed Areas

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This Tutorials explains how to utilize the "Projector Feed Areas" in mapping tab and how to take advantage of the settings for your projection mapping. Learn how to use the modes to achieve everything from pixel-perfect to perspective-correct setups. 

In addition to these functions, "Feed Areas" also facilitate warping on simple projection screens.

Pixera automatically detects how many projectors are to be used to project onto the screen and divides it into equal parts. Thus, a setup can be created very quickly in Pixera without wasting a lot of time with precise projector alignment.

Additionally Pixera tries to linearize the warping grid. I.e. it tries to stretch the grid evenly from one side to the other.
This prevents, for example, a circle that moves from left to right at the output from being compressed or stretched in the meantime.

If "Feed Areas" are applied to all projectors, then it is also possible for Pixera to automatically create a softedge in the overlapping areas of the projectors.

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