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Marker Calibration

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To fit a projector to a projection screen by software, there are other possibilities besides the classic warping.
One of these possibilities is the so-called marker calibration.

Here, the actual projector position is calculated on the basis of virtual reference points, which are created on a virtual 3D object and then moved to the exact same position on the output.

This makes it possible to quickly set up a mapping to 3D objects and thus save a lot of time compared to conventional warping.


For marker calibration to work well, it is very important that the 3D object in Pixera matches the original object very closely. Ideally, a 3D scan of the real object is created, which is then imported as an object into Pixera.

In principle, it is possible to calculate the lens shift and zoom factor of the projector in Pixera.
However, practical experience shows that much better results can be achieved if these parameters are set in advance in Pixera and the projector position is also roughly adjusted.

The following video shows the basic workflow of marker calibration.

Please note - in this example the marker calibration is only shown with one projector. For multi-projector setups, the workflow must be repeated for each projector.

In the following link you can download a paper model, sample content and the 3D object for Pixera

Download - Dodecahedron Training Material

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