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Adjusting Keyframes

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Adjusting Keyframes

Keyframes can be adjusted by: 

  • selecting and dragging them directly on the Timeline.   
  • selecting the Keyframe by clicking on it and changing the desired value in the value input field appearing after clicking onto the Keyframe.  
  • selecting the Keyframe and changing the desired value in the Inspector.  
  • moving the Nowpointer to the desired Keyframe, changing the value in the according property field and storing the new value by clicking the highlighted Keyframe symbol () next to the corresponding value field.




Hint: Holding down Shift on the keyboard while dragging a Keyframe constrains the movement of the Keyframe either horizontally or vertically, depending on which direction it is dragged further away from its original position. This results in either changing its value or its position on the Timeline.


Pixera's snapping functionality is very helpful for arranging and placing Keyframes on the TimelineKeyframes will snap to:

  • the beginning or the end of the Clip itself. 
  • the beginning or the end of a another Clip, no matter on which Layer it is placed. 
  • the position of Keyframes in Clips placed on other Layers   
  • the position of the preceding or subsequent Keyframe.



Note: Keyframes can not be moved to a position before the preceding or after the subsequent Keyframe in the Clip, meaning their order cannot be changed.




Note: To change the interpolation curve between Keyframes the Keyframe type can be altered. To learn more about Pixera's Keyframe types please refer to Keyframe Types.

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