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Deltacast Update Guide

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Download Driver

The latest driver package can be downloaded via - underneath the dedicated PIXERA version.

Which driver version for which PIXERA version?

PIXERA  Deltacast Driver Pack
since version 2.0 V6.23
since version 1.8.0 V6.18
since version 1.6.58 V6.17
till version 1.6.58 V6.12


DeltaCast driver version v6.25 DOES NOT WORK with any version of PIXERA. Please do not install version 6.25. Only v6.23 works with 2.0 and above until further notice.

Deltacast Update Pack V6.23 and V6.18

Since Deltacast Version V6.18 the update progress is a lot easier.

1. In the highlighted path, you can find the file "install.bat"

 2. Right click on "install.bat" and run it as administrator.

3. Finally, reboot your system.

Deltacast Update Pack V4 – V6.12




This quick introduction should guide you through the installation process of the Deltacast 

Update Pack V4. 

Please follow this guide with accuracy!


If you follow these instructions the following functions are working again: 

  • Deltacast Live Inputs in PIXERA Versions as of 1.0.29+ 





The following prerequisites must be present to install the driver: 

  • Deltacast Live Input Hardware

  • Deltacast Update Pack V4 which includes:
    • dCARE-1.5.2-windows-x64-installer

    • dMOSAIC-1.2.0-windows-x64-installer

    • dREC-1.4.1-windows-x64-installer

    • dSCOPE-1.3.1-windows-x64-installer

    • EEDID_Editor_1.3.9_Setup_Win64

    • VideoMaster_Redist_Windows_v6.12 



Installation Steps 


1. Go to Windows Explorer → “Open Control Panel” → “Device Manager”. 

In the device manager you see a point called “Deltacast”. With the “plus” on the left side you can expand this menu. Afterwards you see a sub-item for each deltacast input card. Right click on a sub-item and a new menu appears. 

Click on “Update Driver Software…” in this new window! 


2. Click on “Browse my computer for driver software”

3. Click on “Browse” and navigate to the Deltacast Update Pack which you downloaded recently. In this pack choose the following folder:

Deltacast Update Pack V4 - 6.12\VideoMaster_Redist_Windows_v6.12\Drivers


4. During the installation process, a security window appears! 

Click on “Install”.



5. The installation has finished! “Close” the window.


6. The system recognized that some hardware settings have changed and asks if you want to reboot the system. Click “No”. 

7. If you have a second input card (like in the screenshot above), click on the second sub-item and repeat the steps 1 to 6 with it! 


8. Open the Windows Explorer and navigate to the folder  

“Deltacast Update Pack V4 - 6.12\VideoMaster_Redist_Windows_v6.12\Lib32

Copy all the files from this folder and replace them with the files from 



9. Open the Windows Explorer and navigate into the folder 

“Deltacast Update Pack V4 - 6.12\VideoMaster_Redist_Windows_v6.12\Lib64

Copy the files from this folder and replace them with the files from 



Yes, it’s correct!  

The Lib32 files must replaced with the SysWow64 and the Lib64 must be replaced with 

the one in System32.


10. Reboot the system!


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