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Update / downgrade Graphics card driver

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The update process of the graphics card driver does not differ from the downgrade process. You install every driver in the same way, no matter if it is an older or a new version.

You can find the current recommended Nvidia drivers for PIXERA Hardware here



It is not recommended to update the driver of a PIXERA server without consulting the PIXERA team. The used drivers are tested, with other drivers the proper function cannot be guaranteed.

  1. The graphics card driver can be found under the marked path. Double-click on the installer to start the installation process.

  2. With a click on "OK" the compatibility check starts.

  3. Accept the license agreement.

  4. Select "Custom" and click on "Next"

  5. Check all the boxes as shown in the picture and click on "Next" to start the installation.

  6. The installation process was successful and is finished with a click on ,,CLOSE''.

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