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Update Control Module

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How to update a Module

In Pixera, the modules are stored in the project, so it can happen that you have to update modules.
This can be done with "Update from Library" or "Update from Exported".

  1.  Right-click on the Module
  2.  Update from Edited

When updating Pixera, it is possible that new versions of the modules are already in the library, so they can be executed directly with "Update from Library".

If the button "Update from Library" is not working/available, it is possible that the module cannot be found in the path that is stored in the properties of the module. 

You can update this path to make the update possible.

After changing the path, the butto “Update from Library” works again and the update can be executed.

When an update is performed, an information window is displayed in which the update can be confirmed or canceled.


Pixera 1.8.302 | 11. August 2023

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