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Sending PDTF data to Pixera Control

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This article is about how to use data layers and connect them to Pixera Control.

Load a PDFT onto the layer structure

How to create custom Pdtf

Version 1: Connect directly to a Pixera Control module and action 

This is for inputting values to your Data Layer from Control

Right-Click on your desired PDTF parameter. Navigate to “Connect Control Action”, choose your Control module. Only modules that are in your workspace/project can be addressed. Here we choose the IOcore 2 module and route IOcore2>DMX_In_1 to data layer>channel 1



Version 2: Route Data Layer to the Pixera module API structure:

This is for receiving values from your Data Layer in Control

Right Click on your desired PDTF parameter.  Choose “Publish as Control Channel”


Publish as Control Channel is currently only working if the Node is inside a folder 


Now the entry will have a different visual to it and the parameter name will be in brackets:




This Example shows how to create a Data Layer and connect it in the node system to read out values


Pixera 1.9.159 | 17. October 2023

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