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101: Planning and Setup of a basic video projection

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101: Planning and Setup of a basic video projection

The following sample project will guide you through the most important steps to setup a simple video project. We will create a simple video composition that will be projected on a screen with one projector. Pixera’s simulation capabilities can help choosing the right projector and lens. No output warping will be applied as the projection is straight to the screen.


For this example project you should already be familiar with the basic user interface elements that are described in Workspace Navigation‍.

Project Creation

On startup, Pixera will load the last opened project by default. This can be changed in the Settings. .

To create a blank project:

  1. Click the Settings icon.
  2. Under Settings, select Project.
  3. Click New and give your project a name in the appearing New Project dialog. Hit Save. The new project will load automatically.
  4. Click Screens to enter Screens mode and start to setup the scene.

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