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101: First Steps in Pixera

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101: First Steps in Pixera

About this sample project

This sample project is an introduction to the concepts and philosophy of Pixera and demonstrates the basic setup of a simple project, where content is brought to a screen using a single projector.

Description of the basic workflow

In Pixera a project setup is divided into three main parts, each representing a different step in the process of bringing pixels to a screen.

  • Screens: Planning and arrangement of the physical video screens in a scene
  • Mapping: Setup and configuration of projectors including server outputs, as well as projection mapping configuration (warping, edge blending, …)
  • Compositing: Media arrangement, compositing and playback control

While all these steps can well be performed by a single person, it is very likely that in bigger projects different persons with different responsibilities may work in only one of these areas. Pixera separates these parts so they can be worked on individually. Working on one part locks unrelated operations from the other parts to prevent unintended or even accidental changes.

In future versions, Pixera’s multi-user feature will allow multiple users to work on different parts simultaneously.

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