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Defining Audio Channels

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Defining Audio Channels

Audio output is defined on a layer basis by setting the Audio Base Channel in the Inspector. The Audio Base Channel represents the first channel. If a media file or live input contains more than one audio channel the next channels are routed to the subsequent channels on the same output device.


Example: Selecting channel 1 as Audio Base Channel for a layer and placing an audio clip with two channels of audio on that layer will output the two audio channels from the clip on the selected audio device's channels 1 and 2.


Note: Pixera currently only supports mono or stereo signals. Audio content has to be placed as separate audio clips on the Timeline. Audio embedded in video files is also not yet supported.

The setting for the Audio Base Channel can be found in the Inspector after selecting the layer in the Timeline.

Please note, that the audio device is set up in the Settings menu accessible via the gear icon on the top right of the user interface.

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