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Timeline Timecode

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Timeline Timecode

Entering Timecode on the keyboard

Pixera is very flexible in recognizing Timecode values entered on the keyboard. It is neither necessary to enter a full Timecodeaddress with hours, minutes, seconds and frames, nor is a colon required between the entities.

Some examples:

  • Entering (without the quotes) '12' will map to 00:00:00:12
  • '123' will map to 00:00:01:23
  • '1234512' will map to 01:23:45:12

Entered values are mapped to Timecode values from the back (starting with frames). However, as not every number is a valid Timeline address (e.g. if the cypher for minutes is larger than 59), the number entered will be interpreted as a frame-count and converted to a Timecode address accordingly

Examples (assuming a Timeline that plays back at 25 fps):

  • Entering (without the quotes) '25' will map to 00:00:01:00
  • '99' will map to 00:00:03:24

Like with other numerical input fields, you can add '++' or '--' to increase or decrease the Timecode address relatively to its currently set value.

Examples (assuming that the current Timecode value is 00:00:01:23)

  • Entering (without the quotes) '++300' will increase the Timecode by 3 seconds to 00:00:04:24
  • '--15' will decrease the timecTimecode by 15 frames to 00:00:01:08

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