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Control Pixera via GrandMA

 0 Minutes



In this workflow video we explain how easy it is to patch the timeline in Pixera and export this for a GrandMA. This video covers the topics of patching the timeline, export the fixture to GrandMA 3, converting the exported files to GrandMA 2 and how to establish the connection between Pixera and GrandMA.

00:00 Introduction

00:55 Patching the Timeling

06:39 Exporting Patch

07:08 Exporting Patch as XML

08:35 Exporting Patch as GDTF for GrandMA

11:25 Importing the Fixture in GrandMA 3

14:17 Converting Fixture for GrandMA 2

16:04 Importing Fixture in GrandMA 2

17:27 Establishing the ArtNet connection in Pixera

18:12 Control examples from GrandMA 3

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