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Set Cues in front / end of one Clip or more Clips

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With right-click on the Clip, you can add a cue to the start or end of specific containers. 
If you combine this with right-clicking in the Timeline beforehand, you can add the Cues you need to the start or end of all the Clips you need.


Step 1:

Right-click on an empty part of your Timeline and use Following or Preceding Clips. This refers to your position from the now pointer.
Pixera will then select all your Clips.



Step 2:
Right click on one of the marked clips and use "Add Cue before" or "Add Cue at the end of Clip".
Here you can choose which Clip you want to add. 



Pixera 2.0.65 | 10. July 2024 | R.W.

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