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How to set Autostart

The hub offers quick and easy ways to put Pixera or the Hub into the Windows autostart. This article explains how this works.


Set Auto Start for the newest Pixera version:

The easiest way is to activate the autostart of the Pixera Proxy in the Hub, this will always start the set default version.

It is important which button you use to set the autostart, if the one next to the default is used, the poxy will be set.


Set Auto Start for a specific Pixera version:

If you use the button directly next to the Pixera version, this specific version is set in the autostart regardless of which version is selected as the default.


Where can i see my settings?

In the Manage tab, you can scroll down and see all the autostart settings. You can also see here that Pixera is created with a delay, this is done to guarantee that Pixera only starts when all Windows drivers are loaded. You can also change this delay

Start Pixera as admin can also be set here, in some cases problems can be solved or avoided this way.


How is the actual start executed?

The hub actually only uses the Windows Task Scheduler.
The entries made in the Hub can also be found in this:

Pixera Hub 2.15.4 | 22. September 2023

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