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Preset Grids

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They are UI elements that are intended for quick selection, adjustment, storage and assignment.
Intended to provide a quick way of customization via the web UI with just a few clicks.


How to use Preset Grids

This is a description of the UI element: Preset Grid

Currently the Preset grid can be used with the PresetModule, it is planned that it will be a UI element that can be added to a custom UI.



The preset grid can be used by importing this module
into the control workspace.


In its UI you will find the grid.


These have different types, which can be set in the options of the object. 


If no layer is assigned to the grid, the selection is applied to the selected layer.

In this case, the type of the grid is Opacity, which changes the opacity of the layer.


Values can be saved on the grid by right-clicking and selecting "Store".


You can assign a layer to the grid so that you do not always have to pay attention to the selection. (Not working in version 1.9.136 because of bug)

Now the preset of the position is always applied to the same layer.


The selection can also be saved, the grid in “Groups” has the Preset Type “Selection”.
In this, we can save layer selections.


Now we can also save the selection and apply it through our presets.

Pixera 1.9.135 | 18. September 2023

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