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NDI Output

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Creating an NDI Output

Creating an NDI output from Pixera is similar to assigning any other output. These settings are found in the Mapping (1) >Live Tab (2)


From here we can twirl down the engine that we want to assign the NDI output on and select “NDI” (3)

In the inspector we can see: “Add NDI Output Stream” (4). 

Alternatively, you could right click on “NDI” and click “Add Output Stream”

Once you have generated your stream you assign it just like any other output!

Make sure to press F5 to activate it!


NDI Outputs “cost” an output just like a physical output (or Art-Net/Spout/Unreal) would.






Pixera 2.0.40 | 25. April 2024 | X.X.

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