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Control - Getting Started Videos

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Getting started with Pixera Control

Introduction to Pixera Control

Are you interested in what Pixera Control is and how it works? Then watch this video and find out how you can realize an amazing show control and a easy to use user interface.

UDP module and conditions

In this video we explain how to set up and use the UDP Module. In a practical example we furthermore show how to use conditions in Pixera Control.

How to fade a Timeline

In this video you will learn how to create an automatic timeline fade and trigger it with an button in the UI. In a next step you will also learn how to create a crossfade between two timelines and control it via the UI as well.

Adding automatic initialization to your module

This video explains how to add an automatic initialization to your modules in Pixera Control

Resource adder, timeline builder & timeline runner

In this video we explain how to use the "resource adder" module and connect it with the "timelinebuilder" module. Those modules allows you to easily add content to pixera and creat a new timeline out it - all with just one click in the end with a third module called "timeline runner"

Playlist User Interface Element (and Resource Browser)

Multiple pages in a user interface

You want to separate your show control UI into several pages? Then watch this video and learn how to create multiple pages and access them via a button click.

Midi Input Routing

Switching a Matrix via Sacn

Input and route Sacn to switch your video matrix. Great description of the dispatch table builder too

A cue triggers an action in Control

trigger an action in control via a cue

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