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General Options - Resources

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General Options - Resources

The Resources pane contains all elements that be used as sources in the composition

List or Matrix view

The List/Matrix Button toggles how the media assets an effects are displayed. 


Note: In both modes, items can be reordered by dragging and dropping them at another position.

List view

In List view, objects are displayed in a list that shows a thumbnail and the asset name by default. This view can be further configured by right-clicking any item and choosing Display Options, where Thumbnail and Details can be activated and deactivated. 

Matrix view

Matrix view displays all items with a thumbnail and their name. This view enables a quick overview of many items at once.

Importing assets

Assets can be imported using a file dialog or via drag and drop from the windows explorer.


Note: Only matching asset types can be imported to the respective category:

  • Media: Movie clips, images and audio clips
  • Models: 3D models
  • Effects: GLSL Shaders

By clicking the '+' button at the bottom of the Resources pane, a file import dialog appears, where one or multiple items can be selected for import.

By dragging and dropping files from the Windows Explorer, files can be placed directly in their category

Renaming assets

Assets can be renamed by right-clicking the item and choosing Rename from the context menu.


Note: Renaming will only change the display name in Pixera. The file name on disk remains untouched.

Refreshing assets

When assets that are already present in the project are modified outside Pixera, they can be refreshed by right-clicking them and choosing Refresh form the context menu. 

Replacing assets

Content references can be replaced by right-clicking an item and choosing Replace from the context menu. This replaces the clip in the Resources pane and updates all its references in the Timeline to the new source. This is especially useful when a composition has to be made, but final media assets are not yet available. 

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