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Color LUT Size

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From version 2.0.105 there is a new option in the resource inspector in Compositing→Resource→Color Space→Color Lut Size.

In PIXERA there are 3 different color spaces in the render pipeline:

  1. Resource Color Space
  2. Engine Color Space (sRGB)
  3. Monitor Color Space

If the transfer characteristics differ, the colors must be converted using a three-dimensional conversion LUT table. By default, this table has a size of 16 (16x16x16). For some conversions, however, this size is not sufficient to calculate the color representation accurately enough. In this case, the resolution of this conversion LUT table can be adjusted. If this is set to 32 (32x32x32), the color artifacts no longer occur, as in this example



This transfer is always applied even if the transfer characteristics do not differ, but in this case it is linear and no difference is visible.


Pixera 2.0.108 | 19. June 2024 | J.B.

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