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Pixera System Requirements

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  • Intel Core or Intel Xeon CPU recommended, clock frequency and number of cores depend on the application (i5 or better recommended)
  • Minimum 16 GB RAM (depending on application)
  • NVidia Quadro graphics card with min. OpenGL 4.5 support
  • NVidia Quadro Sync board is required for frame sync
  • Separate SSDs for data and operating system recommended
  • SSD in RAID or NVMe recommended for higher data rates (e.g. uncompressed playback)
  • LAN port (LAN port 10Gbps recommended for applications with large files, e.g. uncompressed playback)
  • Sound interface (RME HDSPe series recommended)
  • Windows 10 64Bit or Windows 7 64Bit
  • If live video inputs are required: PIXERA supports video input devices with DirectShow drivers
  • Deactivate the real-time virus protection of Windows and do not use separate virus scanners as these slow down the system extremely.

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