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Companion provides an interface between, e.g. a Streamdeck and Pixera. This article is about how to connect Companion with Pixera.


Setup Companion


  1. Download Companion here
  2. After Installing, make sure that you choose the correct Network Interface.
  3. Launch GUI.
  4. Set target IP and Port
  5. Setup Pixera




Setup Pixera

  1. Open Pixera navigate to API and select Input Network Adapter
  2. Make sure your Protocol is Json/Tcp and the same port as selected in Companion



Now you should be able to Connect to Pixera in Companion, as example i assigned the Timeline 1 with a play action to the Play button:

If you press the “Test” button, you should be able to already see Pixera executing the command


Use API Command in Companion for Pixera

If you want to send specific commands or run modules in Control then select "Pixera API" as action.

Example for a control module action trigger:

{"jsonrpc":"2.0", "id":19, "method":""}


If you want do call the action with parameters then use it like this: "params":[5,10,15.5]

{"jsonrpc":"2.0", "id":19, "method":"PixeraMulti.Timeline.Selected.fadeInTimeline", "params":[5]}


It is important that the action is called with it's path. This can be found in Control.


To send the right API command, read this article:

May also want to see:

How to get and use handles


Pixera 1.9.176 | 09. November 2023

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